Where’s My Car? for Palm Pre/Pixi

I’ve submitted my first WebOS application to their App Store!

Where’s My Car? helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot. When you leave your car, simply open the application. (It will automatically get your current GPS location) Leave the application open, and when you’re done doing whatever it is you have to do, click “Take Me To It!” An arrow will show up (as well as a distance measurement). Simply walk in the direction of the arrow, and you’ll be quickly guided back to your car! BTW, I originally wrote this app as a present for my wife. :) I’ve decided to place it on the App Store as a FREE app because I don’t see why the other apps that do the same thing charge $5 for such a simple feature. Let me know if you like it! :)

UPDATE: It has been approved/published!  To download, open the App Catalog.  Search for “car”.  Click the coins icon in the lower-right to show only FREE apps, and “Where’s My Car?” should be the first in the list!  :)

UPDATE 2: Click here to download:  Where’s My Car?

Screenshots after the break…

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